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Monday, November 17, 2008

Top 5 Wedding DJs in Cincinnati

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From a recently blog:

July 14, 2008
Wedding DJ got the Party Going but was an Obnoxious Master of Ceremony.
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I was recently at a wedding where the Master of Ceremony (the DJ) acted like a rock station DJ during the introduction of the wedding party, the cutting of the cake, and the bouquet/garter toss. I thought it was overdone. I kept waiting for the him to take a break for “news and weather”. He was out of character with the classiness of the event.

Starting early in the evening with his best “Wolfman Jack” imitation may be out of place. A good DJ knows how to build the tempo gradually. Being a great DJ for a wedding should mean being able to “read the crowd” and get the party going at just the right time. It also means setting the tone for the type of party that the bride and groom has indicated that they want. The event should start with formality, etiquette and some elegance.
So when do you crank it up?? When you see the old folks leaving.
Editor, The Big Wedding Blog

In Response:

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How true. A good DJ does know how to read his/her crowd. It’s a prerequisite to being known as a “good”. But a “Wolfman Jack” persona? That is great for car shows and cruise in’s, but not a wedding,that’s for sure.

However, to say “So when do you crank it up?? When you see the old folks leaving.”, give me a break. Being one of those ” Old folks” myself, I can tell you, that’s not when you crank it up. Remember most 50, 60, and yes some 70 year people grew up on the likes of the Stones, Hendrix, Zeppelin,Tull, The Who, Boston, Kansas, Metallica, GNR, KISS, just to name a few ( we won’t mention the disco days either..LOL)And despite what may be popular belief, some of those same folks enjoy good Usher and T-pain and the like. So to answer the question of when to crank it better, (In my humble yet professional opinion). The answer would be, “when the formalities are out of the way and the crowd is ready. A “good DJ” will know when that magic moment happens.
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Thursday, April 3, 2008

" Bernanke Warns of Possible Recession"


I don't know where Federal Reserve Board Chairman Bernanke's been lately, but I think everybody knows that the "possibility" of a recession is more like a reality. What I once saw(as well as many of my fellow wedding Dj brethren)as a somewhat recession proof industry is even feeling the crunch. Higher gas prices, a mortgage industry in a bind, slumping stock prices or world economics? I don't know. I'm just a simple music man who has seen a drop in an industry that has steadily risen for the past 8 years at a phenomenal rate, take a down turn. Oh, the daily inquiries still come in everyday, but it's for couples looking at next year or even 2010 to get married not because they can't afford their dream wedding. But because they don't feel comfortable with how they're going to financially make it after they say their " I Do's".

Well at least RiverCity Entertainment can help with the now's, which might help with the then's.

We've started a new program that hopefully we can get the industry's attention. Simply, book something now, and rather then have that gigantic headache of a tab the weekend of your wedding, spread it out over the remaining time. A little at a time, No interest, No penalty, and No worries. Mainly because, I feel your pain and worries everyday.

Just some more thoughts!


Just some thoughts

Everyone has different ideas of what is right and wrong. The DJ industry is unregulated. Often, less expensive DJs will dump one party for a more lucrative gig. What happens if a company DJ quits without notice? Even IF they really do have another DJ available, your event will be waylaid hours while he prepares, travels, and sets up. If your event is important, and the DJ is an initial part, it is important that he shows up early and has the experience, knowledge, skill and attitude to pull it off and leave everyone thrilled.

To many times I receive calls for quotes only to hear " well, geesh, so and so told me they can do my party for ....". Sometimes I just wanna scream back at them and say something that comes of the top of my head, but I always try to maintain the level of "Professionalism" that only half of these bozo's never will have. Costs are costs. It's not my fault gas has gone up to $3.50 a gallon. CD's that we used to buy for $9.99 are now $23. Insurance for our employees has doubled. It's called the cost of doing business. Tha'ts why we all try and reflect that in our pricing(even tho we haven't raised our rates in 3 years) The big deciding factor is the talent. A club dj probably won't be what you're looking for to do a wedding reception...and vice versa. Just sit down, have a conversation that lasts more then 2 minutes with you and your prospective Dj. Get to know each other. Then, afterall is said and done....do what your gut tells ya and not so much what your pocket book does....

...just some thoughts

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