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Thursday, February 5, 2009

One question I often get asked,
"Are you a full time or part time DJ?"
Let just start out by commenting that if you look at the time that is spent on the wedding entertainment business, the answer would be, most definitely full time employment. When you consider that I typically spend about 80 hours a week doing this thing I love. That’s the equivalent of 2 " full time jobs". Regardless of the fact I hold down a day job as well.

"Do you just play on weekends, if so doesn’t that make you a part time DJ?"

With the exception of maybe a half dozen weddings over the past 25 years that I have performed at, don’t most weddings take place on weekends? Yes most of our DJ’s perform during the week at various clubs around town. But does that make them a great wedding Dj?

"Do you have an Office or store where we can stop by?’

The fact that we don’t have a big office or a store front in which to have clients come to doesn’t mean we’re not professionals. It just means we don’t have to charge exorbitant fees to cover unnecessary overhead costs. We prefer the more personal touch, like when doctors used to make house calls. We like our clients to be relaxed and in a setting that they are accustomed too. I personally meet with every one of our brides at least once before an agreement is reached and executed. Sometimes twice!

"Cheaper doesn’t mean cheap results"

I recently read an article stating that unless you were paying $700 to $1200 for a Dj for your wedding entertainment, you were going to regret you decision because you hired below average talent. Someone who couldn’t make it a night to remember. That you will get a DJ that wouldn’t know the ins and outs of a wedding reception and make the night flow smoothly. That you need both a DJ and a MC to make certain things happened the way they are suppose too on that night of nights. Again, more costs equals higher fees to you.

"Keeping the costs down"

Some say, "Get Thee to a Wedding/Bridal Show" if you want to find top DJ’s for your wedding. Well think about that one for a moment. The average cost of a booth in a mid sized 2 day bridal show can cost close to $1000. Now figure in all the hand outs and literature the have to show you. The time for your employees to meet and greet everyone walking up and down the aisles of the show. It all just keeps adding to the cost of doing business, and where do you think that leads too.

"The bottom line"

You are the one who has to feel comfortable with the Dj that is doing your wedding. If you want "flashy" and the personalities match, then you have found the right one. If you want some with a great radio type voice, then by all means that’s what you need. But the most important thing to remember, "It’s Your Wedding’, not theirs. They should be there to facilitate your wishes for the night, not run it the way they see fit. This is to be said for all your wedding vendors, from the florist and cake baker to the reception site and the photographer. So regardless if you choose to spend megabucks or the wedding of the century or (like most couples I meet with) spend within their means and budget, pick the vendors, and yes most importantly, a DJ, hat you feel comfortable with at a price you can really afford.

DJ Wes of RiverCity Entertainment has been making dream come true for Brides all over the Cincinnati, Ohio area for over 25 years.

Just some thoughts

Everyone has different ideas of what is right and wrong. The DJ industry is unregulated. Often, less expensive DJs will dump one party for a more lucrative gig. What happens if a company DJ quits without notice? Even IF they really do have another DJ available, your event will be waylaid hours while he prepares, travels, and sets up. If your event is important, and the DJ is an initial part, it is important that he shows up early and has the experience, knowledge, skill and attitude to pull it off and leave everyone thrilled.

To many times I receive calls for quotes only to hear " well, geesh, so and so told me they can do my party for ....". Sometimes I just wanna scream back at them and say something that comes of the top of my head, but I always try to maintain the level of "Professionalism" that only half of these bozo's never will have. Costs are costs. It's not my fault gas has gone up to $3.50 a gallon. CD's that we used to buy for $9.99 are now $23. Insurance for our employees has doubled. It's called the cost of doing business. Tha'ts why we all try and reflect that in our pricing(even tho we haven't raised our rates in 3 years) The big deciding factor is the talent. A club dj probably won't be what you're looking for to do a wedding reception...and vice versa. Just sit down, have a conversation that lasts more then 2 minutes with you and your prospective Dj. Get to know each other. Then, afterall is said and done....do what your gut tells ya and not so much what your pocket book does....

...just some thoughts

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